Zayn Malik a descent of an English-Pakistani was born on the 12th of January 1993. At the age of 17, he competed in the The X Factor  a Television competition, there and then he got teamed with 4 of his other contemporary to birth a group called “Act One Direcion” a group that has made a name for herself in the sand of times as one of the most famous Boy Bands in the Music Industry.


But sometimes in March 2015, saw the end of Malik with the group as he voluntarily decided to leave the group after 5years of being with them. The Group has since moved on and continued to remain a group after he left.

Malik the former One direction singer or the badboy of the group as he was fondly referred to as due to his mischief has finally made a statement for himself with the release of His single and Video for “PillowTalk” late on Thursday the 28th January 2016.

The video is featured Malik’s popularly rumoured model girlfriend Gigi Hadid



We say a big Congratulations! for the success of his debut single, we wish you a brilliant success now and in the years to come.

Tomorrow is looking good!!!!!!!

Zayn Malik debut single