Will Smith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States on the 25th of September, 1968, William Carroll Smith is an American actor, producer, rapper and songwriter. He is married to Jada Pinkett. Will has three children, and they are Willow, Jaden and Trey.

Will Smith has received nominations for five globe Awards, two academy Awards and a winner of four Grammy awards

Will Smith

Will Smith currently has an estimated net worth of $260 million. Will Smith has enjoyed great success in a career catering to hit films, his own television series and multiple platinum records, and his success in all three has contributed immensely to his net worth.

Prior to becoming an actor, Smith was a rapper. He started rapping at the tender age of twelve, at sixteen; he was already topping the charts. He went ahead to win two Grammy Awards and three American Music Awards.

Will went on to star in many blockbuster movies which include Independence Day, Men in Black, Hitch and I am a Legend. Smith also played the role of the boxing legend Mohammed Ali in acclaimed biopic “Ali”, this earned him his first academy awards and Golden globe nomination, thereby increasing his net worth.

Will Smith at Biopic Ali

Smith lives with his family in a $20 million ranch style estate in Santa Monica mountain range, above Malibu near Calabasas, California.

The forty seven year old star has four cars, they include a Cadillac Escalade, a Mercedes GL 450 SUV, a classic ford Mustang convertible, and a 53 foot double decker trailer called a mobile mansion, this mobile mansion features everything Smith can ask for, e.g. a bedroom, a granite fitted bathroom, a lounge, a kitchen and a movie room.

On the 19th of August, it was announced that Will Smith had returned to the studio with producer La Mar Edwards to work on his fifth studio album.

Will Smith