Victoria Beckham ,the singer, Fashion designer, model and business woman who rose to fame from the all-female pop group that we all know to be spice girls, having later gotten married to the football icon David Beckham in the year 1999,has for quite a while now joined the train of celebrities who go under the knife for one body part lift or augmentation.


There is a lot of before and after photos of Victoria that are misleading, because of how hard it is to note the difference in the shape of her nose from the front side, some just out rightly show pictures of her before and after weight loss.

Victoria Beckham is widely suspected to have done a Tip-Rhinoplasty in the year 2003,


ofcourse that was when the shapelier nose difference was observed; plastic surgeons say this procedure could cost £4500 upward. She however has not openly admitted to doing a Tip-Rhinoplasty.  For those wondering what a Tip-Rhinoplasty is, it is in summary nose job, you might generally find those doing it trying to polish it up and say it’s just a slight adjustment, well Tip-Rhinoplasty focuses on only the nose tip, most people who go under the knife for tip-rhinoplasty simply do it to get a shapelier nose or more pointed nose specifically.


it is however obvious from the different pictures of Victoria all the way from the early 2000 till date, that there have been gradual but notable changes in the appearance of this celebrity, from breast implantation at one point to reduction, Botox, hips fillers and all. it is however notable to say Victoria Beckham, the mother of four kids has remained young and attractive even after having four kids, thanks to the plastic surgery.