Our mission impossible star has out-rightly denied having done any form of plastic surgery; however experts and surgeons are strongly of the opinion that he has at some point or the other had a face filler injection which is generally used to fill in gaunt faces.


The 52 year old Tom Cruise as we would have noticed has almost never been in the news for anything relating to cosmetic surgery asides when he is questioned about it. He only pops up on our screens doing his thing “Action movies” he has even at some point made known his view about plastic surgery and if he was ever going to have a procedure.


Sometime in May 2012,during an interview with play boy magazines, Tom Cruise was asked if cosmetic surgery was responsible for his young looks, to which he answered “I haven’t and never would” that is to mean he has never had any work of plastic surgery done and he has no plans of doing any such. However, we could dispel the statement or say that was how he felt in 2012, because as of 2014 when he appeared at the Jameson empire award in London, it was obvious that something had been done on his face, with puffier cheek cosmetic surgeons suspected that he has used a facial filler injections, which is known to cause swelling of the face.

tom               Tom Cruise at the 2014, Jameson Empire Awards in London