Robert De Niro is an American actor, credited with taking part in over 90 movies; he is regarded as one of America’s greatest and most versatile actor, because of his ability to disappear into a character.




The Oscar winning actor was born August 17 in 1943, to artistic parents, with European roots.

De Niro started acting in the early sixties when he appeared on screen in the movie The Wedding Party, but he would not become popular until years later in 1973 when he acted in Bang the Drum Slowly, that same year he got into a very important partnership for his career when he met Martin Scorsese, together they worked on the set of the movie Mean Streets, which helped cement his status as a talented actor.

His hard work has paid off financially, he has an estimated net worth of $200 million, acting is not his only source of income though, he also produces and directs movies, and he owns a chain of restaurants in the U.S and also in some other parts of the world, he is also a huge real estate investor, he has been investing in the Tribeca neighbourhood in New York since 1989 and owns many properties there.


He co-owns a hotel called The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York and also co-owns a film production studio called TribeCa Productions. De Niro owns a house in 4,158 square apartments in New York worth $14 million. All these business ventures have added to De Niro’s net worth.

De Niro earns salaries of up to 20 million is his movies, in “Analyse That”, “Meet The Fockers”, and “Little Fockers” he earned $20 million each, and this has contributed immensely to his net worth, as it has serves as a source of capital for his other business ventures.

Some of the awards he has won include an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Godfather Part II amongst many other accolades.

He is married to his second wife, Grace Hightower, he has six children and four grandchildren 

Robert-De-Niro with wife Grace Hightower
Robert-De-Niro with wife Grace Hightower