Nicole Scherzinger is an American TV personality; she came into popularity in the 2000s. This was when she was still a member of the all girl group, Pussy Cat dolls

Nicole-Scherzinger boob job plastic Surgery before and after 1


Nicole Scherzinger is 38 and she looks damn good. And there’s more, she’s dating a 26 year old Tennis player, isn’t she just one lucky woman?”

At her age, there should be signs of ageing on her face. But on the contrary her face is smooth; her boobs look bigger and perky. And she’s being showing off ‘them babies’ lately, just way people show off new acquisition.

All these have sparked plastic surgery rumours, and she has vehemently denied them. Also his spokesperson has also come out to refute these plastic surgery claims

Fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh claimed that the former singer has gotten “new boobs”. Her spokesperson said “This isn’t true. Nicole is lucky to be blessed with amazing genes and is just getting hotter as she gets older”.

Though not everyone thinks so, her bust line, does surely look bigger and better than before. Dr Riccardo Frati an MYA cosmetic surgeon gave his opinion on this in an interview with MailOnline: ‘From the photographs, it is evident that Nicole has had a breast augmentation

Nicole-Scherzinger boob job plastic Surgery before and after

I presume that she had round implants about the muscle as the appearance are very typical of a large round implant that sits above the muscle.

“I haven’t had cosmetic surgery, but maybe I would, in time. I’m not against it, if you want to enhance something or make yourself feel a little bit more confident. To each their own”, this is what Nicole Mirror in 2012 when asked her opinion on plastic surgery.

Her face hasn’t age also, this would suggest cosmetic interventions, most likely non surgical. She’s most likely had Botox as her fore head looks shiny. Dr Riccardo Frati thinks she’s had fillers in her cheeks also.

Nicole does look awesome, and whatever she’s doing is working for her. Whether it is water and running as she says or cosmetic intervention as some others speculate, the results are worth it.