Mary Steenburgen is an Award winning American actress with over 30 years experience in front of the camera; well she’s currently acting in the last man on earth

Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery before and after


She came into limelight after playing a lead role in “Time After Time”, where she played the wife of H.G wells character. For those of you who don’t know H.G Wells, he was a prolific English writer; he was a master of the sci-fi genre. He wrote “The time machine”, “The Invisible man” amongst many other books.

At 63 Steenburgen looks exceptional, her face looks 15 years younger and her boobs, they could pass for those of a 30 year old woman or even younger.

All these and more have led to rumours of Steenburgen’s plastic surgery rumours. Well she has said the reason for her good looks at this age is exercise, good nutrition and enough rest, but could there be more? We will find out soon enough

The most glaring change is her breasts, so we will just talk about it first, it is most likely she had a breast implant somewhere along the line,  this has not only increased her cup size, but they also look very perky especially for a woman her age.

Comparing her before and after photos, one can see the sudden increase in size; it didn’t happen on its own.

There’s a slight change in her nose, and we assume it is most likely from a rhinoplasty procedure (nose job). It is not very glaring, the job was done well, and her nose looks flawless now.

And her pretty face, Botox, other facial fillers and facelifts have been suspected, good genes alone I doubt could have done this.  Dr Sherrell .J. Aston, a plastic surgeon has this to say “In my opinion Mary Steenburgen looks good for her age.

She’s is excellent physical condition, has good skin quality and I think her Botox is appropriate. I think she’ll be a good candidate for a lower facelift and a neck lift in the future.

Of course she hasn’t confirmed her usage of plastic surgery, but one thing we know is that her looks has been instrumental to her staying relevant in Hollywood, and if she wants to prolong her relevance, her method is her call


Mary Steenburgen plastic surgery before and after