Logan Lerman has considered himself the black sheep of his family, because unlike his family members he is an actor while most of them are in the medical profession.


Logan Wade Lerman is a Jewish American actor and music enthusiast, he was born in Beverly Hills in 1992 to Lisa (nee Goldman ), she works as his manager and Larry Lerman, an orthotist and business man, ( he and some other relatives run the family company, Lerman and Son, an orthotic company founded in 1915 by his great grandfather Jacob Lerman).

Logan seemed to know he was going to act, at the tender age of 2, he told his mom he’s going to be an actor after watching Jackie Chan’s movie, so at the age of 4 he appears in commercials. His movie debut was in “The Patriot” (2000) where he played William, the youngest son of Mel  Gibson’s character and not too long after that he appeared in another Mel Gibson movie ; “What Women Want” (2000) and since then he has not looked back, he has gone on to act in blockbuster movies and Box Office hits.

Logan Lerman

Some of his movie credits include “The Perks of Being a Wild Flower” (2012), the movie adaptation of Stephen Chobosky’s novel which also starred, the “Harry Potter” star, Emma Stone. Talking about the kiss scene in the movie “it’s so epic…  Stone says, “But the main thing was I get to do it with Logan. He makes me feel safe…”   and Logan said “[with Emma] it was so great to have a friend that you can rely on in that kind of environment, like lean on in rough times, it was really nice to have her there”. He won the teen choice award for participating in this movie. They both acted together in the “R” rated film “Noah” this time as siblings and he played Ham the son of the title character, Noah got over a $100million in box office hit.

The 5’8” actor acted alongside Brad Pitt in “Fury” (2014), one of the biggest challenges he had in the movie was that he was unfit.

Logan Lerman

Living in California according to Logan influenced his choice to become an actor, although his family became comfortable with his chosen profession in 2010, they have been supportive, and have not put him under pressure to join the family business.

He also loves music, he plays the guitar and the keyboard, and he also composes songs for his co-stars on set.

Logan Lerman