Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery

53 year old actress, writer and producer Lisa Kudrow came into the limelight when she was cast on the famous TV sitcom “Friends” as Phoebe. Lisa got nominated for a number of awards and she was able to win several of them. Lisa’s beauty is timeless. The mother of 1 has appeared on a countless number of films and TV shows. While we can attribute that to her acting and comedian skills, her ageless beauty has definitely played a part. Has she had plastic surgery? Most people will ask this question when they hear her age and meet her in person.

When she was in Junior High, Lisa felt that her life was upside down. She was not confident. Everyone at school was mean to her and she did not have any fun or any friends. Two of her best friends broke up with her and this tore down any shred of confidence she had in her. Her sister would come and take her to lunch because of the alienation and she felt that was extraordinary.

Nose and chin job at 16

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery

For those asking whether Lisa has ever had plastic surgery, the answer is a big yes. She also had it at a very early age. Lisa had her nose and chin done when she was just 16 years old. She is very lucky that both surgeries, which sometimes can backfire went very well and her appearance changed for the better. Lisa had the two surgeries when she was changing schools.

As a young girl, Lisa felt hideous. She said that her nose was too big for her face and she did not like the way her chin sat on her face. In an interview, she said that she had the surgery done so that the new school would not know how hideous she looked before. From the interview, she seemed very happy about the changes the surgery made. Lisa also had her chin lifted. She said that both surgeries altered her life for the better. She was so happy that she made the change as it boosted her confidence and made her look better.

Breast surgery?

There have been speculations around her breast size. A lot of people have been speculating on whether Lisa had her breasts reduced. Most people place the surgery at about the time she joined the TV show- Friends. She has not come out to say anything about it and we cannot make conclusions based on speculations. Lisa is probably telling us the truth when she says she has only had two surgeries and these happened when she was sixteen. She is ageing well. Genes have a lot to do with that.

Not everyone who has had plastic surgery at some point in her life will keep doing it. Some people prefer to age naturally and I bet Lisa is one of them. For her, the nose and chin jobs were a necessity. She did it because in her mind, she was ugly. Nobody wants to stay ugly. She decided to change her life by altering some features on her face and that was it. For a 53 year old, I have to admit that she looks pretty dapper.

Lisa Kudrow Plastic Surgery