Lars Ulrich is a drummer, music producer, actor and entrepreneur. He is most popular as one of the founding members and drummer for the metal band Metallica, he is also very popular for his pioneering of the fast thrash drumming style, this style was very evident in some Metallica’s early songs.


Ulrich not very known for great technique and precision has been very instrumental to the success of the rock/metal band, and with the success of this band has come his success too.

Ulrich is said to have an estimated net worth of $175 million, according to Forbes estimate of 2015, this makes him one of the richest drummers in the world, as usual the net worth of a band is often directly proportional to the financial success of its band members.

Ulrich lives in a huge 7 bedroom apartment in Tiburon California, the house covers a space of almost 10,000 square feet, it is estimated to be worth over 16million, and the house contains a drum studio and also has a theatre room.

Lars has a love for cars; he owns a Porche, Chevy Blazer, a Ranger Rover and a Saab. Not too long ago the father of three sold a property, for $9.99million, the house is 13,000sq.ft and has three levels; it has a pool, media room, gym and other architectural goodies.

Lars Ulrich was born in Gentofte, Denmark on December 26 1963. He had always been surrounded by good music while he was young, his god father Dexter Gordon was a saxophonist, he further fell in love with music (Rock and Roll) when he and his father attended a Deep Purple concert, and this concert would later influence his desire to start a metal band.


Ulrich had actually intended to be a tennis player like his father, thus he went to Los Angeles to train, only to start playing drums.

Although not much of a singer, Lars Ulrich has been known to sing on a few of Metallica’s recordings, on the song “I Am Evil”, the band members were said to have switched instruments, leaving Lars on vocals, although they rarely switch roles.

He has credited the healthy lifestyle of the band to their long stay together

Lars Ulrich