Kim had always wanted to be rich and famous, she had a grand plan. First steps included leaking her and the rapper Ray J’s sex tape. Needless to ask, it did work and today Kim K is one of the most popular names in America today

kim Kardashian boob job, butt, plastic surgery before and after 1

And she has become a celebrity by almost being nothing. She’s neither an actress nor a sports person nor a designer. But she built on the popularity her sex tape gave her and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUTWK) reality TV show was born. It was a major success for E! Entertainment, and now we know not only the Kardashians but also the Jenners.

Kim k West has always been pretty, no doubt, but over the years her facial and bodily features have morphed into most men dreams. Her face looks more chiselled and defined, as compared to her face in her twenties. It sure does look better though, but this is not a natural phenomenon, she must have had some help

kim Kardashian boob job, butt, plastic surgery before and after 1

And for her body, that buxom body, it wasn’t so in the beginning. Before fame and fortune she had a normal ass, not flat. But all of a sudden her waist to her hip ratio is very alarming, it wasn’t like this in 2008 and she says “it’s all natural”.

From her face to her noseto her backside, every turn of the way we hear the same thing; a vehement denial of plastic surgery. She even took an x-ray of her back side of one episode of KUTWK and no implant was seen

To put an end to all these allegations, we call in the cavalry, some expert plastic surgeons. Dr Tijion Esho in an interview with The Metro said: “I suspect she has had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the abdomen and then the thigh and then transferred to the bum.

This would give a large bottom to waist ratio and would not show up on an X-ray as it is normal fat”.

She has admitted to using Botox treatments for her complexion and skin, she also admitted to using other non invasive procedures to treat cellulite.

Certain experts also believe she’s had at least one nose job, they also suggest that she’s had injectables in her face to make her face appear more sculptured and her lips more plump. It is believed she’s had way more that she’s letting on.

For weight treatment experts believe she’s had liposuction, although Kim denies this. In fact we believe the whole Kardashian Jenner clan (the females of course) have had multiple surgery interventions for cosmetic purposes. So ladies stop comparing yourselves to Kim K, she’s had all the help in the world from the best doctors

kim Kardashian boob job, butt, plastic surgery before and after 1

Then again you have to hand it down to her, she seemed to know where the world was going in terms of entertainment and she got there first, now she’s created an occult following for herself. Good job Kim.