Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery

Kelendria Witherspoon is known for a lot of things. One of the things that always come up in any conversation about her is the fact that she has a great body. The 36 year old singer, dancer, actress, TV personality and song writer has a lot going for her. Ever since she rose to fame in the 90s, she hasn’t looked back. She was part of the all-girl group ‘Destiny’s Child’ which had Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams before they all went their separate ways and decided to pursue solo careers. The wife and mother of one who goes by the name Kelly Rowland is not new to plastic surgery. It was a topic she started talking about at a very young age.

Kelly Rowland boob and nose job

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery

Kelly started thinking about getting a boob job when she was 18 years old! I guess the thought comes really early when you are in the spotlight. She said in an interview that she got advice from two women who are very important to her. Kelly’s mother and Beyoncé’s mother told her to really think about it first and she waited a while before finally making her decision. 10 years later, Kelly got implants and the job was done really well. She added that she had to do a lot of preparation for the changes that were going to come after the surgery.

Before she got her boobs done, Kelly’s chest was almost flat. She had very tiny breasts. This could be one of the reasons why she felt she needed them enhanced. She could walk around in padded bras to see how it would feel having bigger boobs and apparently she liked it. I guess that is one of the reasons why she decided to get the surgery done. We cannot completely attribute her good looks to plastic surgery. Kelly Rowland believes in clean eating and working out.

Although she has never outwardly admitted to having a nose job, there is a lot of speculation on the subject. When you look at before and after photos of her face, there is definitely a difference. Kelly has admitted before that breast implants made her more confident. Is it safe to say that she had her nose improved for the same reason?

Butt implants?

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery

There have been numerous rumors about Kelly getting butt implants. These are attributed to the fact that her body has changed over the years, her butt not excluded. Gossip columns are saying that Kelly’s butt has increased in size from being noticeable to being very noticeable. You will not miss it.

Kelly is definitely on the list of those celebrities who are ageing like wine. She gets better every day. Her husband Reese Witherspoon is one lucky guy. Some say that she is more confident and a bit of a brag lately that she used to be in the past. Could this be attributed to by a nose job and butt implants? We cannot say. Regardless of whether she has had any other parts of her body modified, Kelly Rowland is still one hot mama!