If Botox could be said to be any woman’s best friend, then that woman will be Kelly Ripa. She has Botox injections every 7 months at least and sometimes even more frequent than that. That is when her children remind her to have some

Kelly Ripa boob job Plastic-Surgery before and after 1


She has Botox on her forehead and also in her armpits. Now Botox for the armpits is not unusual, but it is quite unpopular. A lot of stars do it, this helps to reduces sweating. I wonder if it has side effects, we are supposed to sweat, right?

Okay so this is the only procedure she has unabashedly talked about. All other alleged procedures still remain allegations as she hasn’t said anything and we don’t have papers to prove yeah or nay.

But then again we have pictures, and they do talk, so let’s hear what they have to say.

Kelly Ripa an American actress and TV host has most likely had boob jobs. Now her bust line is almost non existence just as they once were.

Kelly Ripa boob job Plastic-Surgery before and after

We think she once had boob jobs, as when we compare her earliest pictures and some in later years. There’s a marked different in the bust size.

At this time though, they are small. This would mean, she had implants at a certain time in her life, and then took them out later. She’s not the first person to have a breast reduction surgery though.

People take out the silicone implants a lot of time for health reasons, and sometimes because they liked themselves better with smaller boobs. We don’t know why Kelly Ripa decided to remove the implants, but she still looks great for a woman in her late forties.

A nose job has also been suspected, her nose does look pinched and smaller than it used to before, the previous one did not look too bad, and this one just okay.

She came into limelight when she played Hayley Vaughan in the series All My Children from 1990 to 2002. Now she hosts a show with Live! With Kelly.

Kelly Ripa boob job Plastic-Surgery before and after