Joshua Ryan Hutcherson is a 23 year old American actor born October 12 1992 to Chris and Michelle (nee FightMaster) Hutcherson in Union Kentucky. He is best known for his role in “The Hunger Games” a film adaptation of the book with the same title written by American author; Suzanne Collins.


Josh Hutcherson started acting at the age of 9 after he had badgered his parents for the opportunity since he was 4, he started acting in commercials but in 2002 he got his first shot at acting in the film, “House Blend” (2002), he appeared in one season of “ER” (1994) and then he got a minor role in the movie “American Splendour” (2004) and also acted in “Polar Express” (2004) a fantasy film which also starred Tom Hanks. In 2005 he played a voice role as Markl in the adventure animation “Howl’s Moving Castle”

Hutcherson is not exactly a fan of classroom education, he said of his schooling experience; “I know it’s something kids have to deal with every single day, but getting up at the same time everyday and having to listen to teachers talk about things I could learn so much more easily on my own, I hated it”.

Josh Hutcherson

He attended New Haven Elementary School in Kentucky, but opted for homeschooling by the time he started acting. He was homeschooled with his mother as teacher. He also participated in athletics, both track and field, this was when he came back to Kentucky and attended Ryle High School for one semester.

Some of Hutcherson’s other film credits include “Zathura” for which he received a Young Artist Award for Best Performance. He acted in RV (2006) alongside Robin Williams. He acted as the Vampire assistant in “Cirque the Freak” (2009).

In 2012 he started acting in the Hunger Games series, it is a trilogy, the film was the highest grossing film for that year, and Hutcherson received an MTV movie Award for “Best Male Performance” for the movie. The final installation for the series is due in Nov 2015. “The Hunger Games: Mockinjay- Part2”.

The 5’7” actor supports LGBT rights; he’s an ardent supporter of the campaign “Straight but Not Narrow”. He is currently dating 20 year old Spanish actress, Claudia Traisac, whom he met on the set of the romantic thriller “Escobar: Paradise lost”. He lives in Hollywood California.

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