Jodie sweetin, a popular film actress, a mother of two, a young star among, many who has risen to limelight through various appearances in several Hollywood movies has been known, best for her great performances on stage, acting skills and her beautiful childish looks. Rumour had it that this young lady had been involved in plastic surgery


This isn’t far-fetched a news as her physical appearance has been taken care of by the surgical experts which seems very obvious.

Jodie sweetin was used to taking drugs which she actually confessed to the public of her vulnerability to the claims. Furthermore, she also had her breast increased in size, maybe to match up her physique, who knows?









But many concluded that could be the reason for the breast implant. But this is just a guess; however rumour had it also that she did a breast enlargement surgery just to fit into the world of the celebrities. Although she has the financial capability, so it isn’t a big deal for Jodie Sweetin.

Jodie Sweetin has always been a lady many would always want to watch on the Television screen as her fans talks greatly about of her, making their world better day by day as they see her act.


Despite her bad reputations as a former drug addict, Jodie Sweetin never allowed this turn down her career, instead she looked for ways to clean up the mess she must have brought to herself and that made her engage in the plastic surgery saga.

Her face lift is nothing to worry about as it was done in such a way as to preserve her youthful appearance and also give her look the right balance which must have been distorted due to the use of drugs.

We however hope she does well in her career and the effect of the surgery does not bounce back on her


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