Jillian Michaels Plastic Surgery

Personal trainer, business woman, TV personality and author Jillian Michaels is 43 years old. Jillian is engaged to her longtime girlfriend Heidi Rhoades and they have two children together. She is one off the many openly gay celebrities. When asked about her relationship, Jillian said that she believes in healthy love. If that happens with either a woman or a man, it is awesome either way. As long as it is healthy. Jillian admits to not having realized that she was gay until she reached her twenties.

The personal trainer has faced some challenges in her career. She has been sued several times for her products and some of her critics say her fitness front is just an act. This however does not stop her from being ever fabulous and voicing her strong opinions. She has made quite a name for herself over the years.

Nose Job at 16

Jillian Michaels Plastic Surgery

Jillian Michaels is one of the few TV personalities who have actually admitted to having plastic surgery without going round the topic. She went under the knife when she was just sixteen and she admits that the surgery changed her life completely. In an interview, Jillian admitted that she used to be teased at school and this gave her insecurities about her nose. Children would tease her about the size of her nose and her weight and her mother had to move her to another school because of that. She felt that she needed to make changes and that is exactly what she did.

Jillian said that the changes made her a new person. She was proud of the new nose. While she admits that plastic surgery is a decision that should be very personal, she adds that people should fix things that they feel are affecting their confidence. “’So, if there is something you want to fix that allows you to feel a little bit more confident, I support it.” Jillian said in her interview with The Body Issue of People’s Magazine. She added that it should however not get to a point where plastic surgery becomes an addiction. It worked for her and she feels it might help someone who has not decided on whether they need to change what is ugly with them or not.


Jillian Michaels starred in NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” as a personal trainer. She is crazy about fitness and she admits that it helped her build her confidence. She shared a younger photo of her on her site and you can see why she was being bullied as a child. In her interview, Jillian admitted to seeing a therapist starting from the age of 5. This helped her deal with the depression and anxiety that came with the teasing and bullying. When other kids tease you about a huge nose and eyebrows that are not uniform, it is bound to get to you. Especially when you are overweight.

Jillian Michaels Plastic Surgery

The reason why Jillian advocates for fixing what is ugly in you is because some things cannot be changed. She was able to change her weight by working out. She beat depression by seeing a therapist and her eyebrows could always be fixed by the numerous shaping methods available. The huge nose however, was not something that could be changed in any other way expect by getting plastic surgery. I think the doctor did a really good job. I like her nose.