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                                                                                                        Jennifer Love Hewitt before and after breast Implant

Jennifer one of the hottest women in the movie drama industry was born in the 70’ specifically on the 21st of February 1979, in Waco, Texas and started her dancing career at age five is known by the name Jennifer Love Hewitt. She played jazz music so well and was also involved in the ballet group. Later on her family moved to Los Angeles when she was barely 10. And in 1984, she took part in the children musical hit TV show kids. She went on like this, not until 1994, Jennifer took off a show in the TV drama titled ‘Party of Five’. Wow, this drew attention towards this young star, after party of five, Jennifer Love Hewitt featured in many more TV show series like ‘Ghost Whisperer’. And since then, her name had been ringing bell all through the years. But it was later noticed by her admirers, the sudden enlargement of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breast size. Without her gaining more weight in her body size, her breast size increased abruptly and people demanded answers for this physical change in her boobs. Rumour had it that Jennifer Love Hewitt did a breast implant.

jennifer love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt before and after breast Implant

This breast surgery was noticeable from the photos gathered from the vacation she had with her husband at Hawaiian and so this brought about different speculations from her admirers. Unfortunately, Jennifer Love Hewitt denied the fact that she had a breast implant just as her fellow celebrities will always do when she was asked. But ordinarily, Jennifer Love Hewitt had large breast size which attracted more men to her leaving her with more male fans to female, she really didn’t mind showing it off as she believed it was one of her major asset that sold her off to the public. But it’s all fun to her as people keep debating whether or not she had a plastic surgery.