Jennifer Joanna Aniston, 46years old American actress and film maker is one among the vast array of beautiful and sought after an actress, Jennifer is reckon with as one of the most richest actress and one of the top paid in Hollywood, noted to play a feminine lead role in a number of romantic comedy films, Her prominent box office hits to date, was her featuring in the 2003 comedy Bruce Almighty, as the girlfriend of Jim Carrey‘s title character. Jennifer was born into Hollywood to John Aniston an actor and an actress mother Nancy Dow. It is easy to conclude that obviously she was under the tutelage of her parents.

Rumours about Jennifer Aniston nose job and several surgeries circulated in the media for years. Jenn has purportedly denied the rumor. It has been rumored that she went in for her first nose job at the age of 33years, and was not satisfied with outcome of the Rhinoplasty (nose job), she went further for another nose job. Sometimes, in 2008, the actress was spotted at a surgeon clinic but she refuted the claim of having gone for cosmetic surgery and pretending her beauty was natural, and claimed to have gone to correct an improperly corrected deviated septum.



Jennifer appears to be choked with the rumors about her varying cosmetics surgeries and had to let the cat out of the bag on Conan O’ Brian TV interview. She confirmed her obsession with skin care treatments having gone through some degree of laser peel which got the surface of her face to be burnt.

But even before her owning up, the public glare know for a fact that some changes have taken place in her body features which could be as a result of nothing but artificial procedures, taking a look at her boobs that is getting bigger and paranormal curvaceous hips, which is not natural though. Jennifer must have had cosmetic surgeries too to maintain her youthful appearance; she has had botox to take care of aging signs like wrinkles and some filler to freshen up her face

However, she did not confirm the other surgeries such as breast implants or hip augmentation.

Jennifer Aniston Oscars 2015 Red carpetJennifer Aniston’s Oscars 2015 Red carpet