Janet Damita Jo Jackson, the youngest sibling of the Jackson family, an Africa-American family of singers who originated from Gary Indiana. Janet Jackson a singer, dancer, and actress ranked one of the most prominent and best-selling artists in contemporary music world; she was born May 16, 1966, she is 49 years old presently. It is a fact that a number of celebrities have toll the line of cosmetic surgery for various reasons all wrapped around having a youthful and stunning look.

Plastic surgery is a common phenomenon in the Jackson family. Janet Jackson was reportedly to have had her first plastic surgery at the age of 16years. The rumour of Janet’s plastic surgery started when she was spotted coming out from Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles with a new and attractive look; she debunk the rumour and claimed to have gone for medical checkup.

However, taking a look and running a check to analyze her early days photos and present day photos there is obviously a notable difference in her appearance. Before now she had body fat but lately she is a slim build which suggests Liposuction, so also the narrowing of her nose now as against a former wide, round nose suggests Rhinoplasty (nose job), her eye-lid, a facelift and breast augmentation is noted as well.

Janet who is now campaigning for a healthy routine which claims have it that she has adopted by promoting the book “True You”


Janet must have been yielding to the advice of cosmetic doctors, imploring her to desist from further cosmetic surgery. Janet’s late brother Michael Jackson was obsessed with cosmetic surgery and turned deaf ears to advice and he made himself an object of ridicule, as a result of plastic surgery going wrong.

Janet Jackson with late brother Michael JacksonJanet Jackson with Late brother Michael Jackson

Although, some Janet Jackson’s fans are of the opinion that she looks more beautiful and sexier than her former looks, but in any case it is definitely a better option for Janet not to embark on further cosmetic surgery but rather to stick to the healthy routine she has adopted to maintain a natural look and promote healthy lifestyle modification to bring about natural beauty.