Jane Seymour Plastic Surgery, boob job, eyelid job

Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg is an award winning 66 year old actress who looks too stunning for her age. The British born who goes by the name Jane Seymour has been cast in some of the greatest films of all time. Like most celebrities who look too dashing for their age, Jane admits to having had plastic surgery in the past. She is one person who does not shy away from talking about it. The mother of 4 can easily be mistaken as a sibling instead of a mother to her daughters who seem to have inherited the beauty genes from her. For Jane, it is not all about the genes. Some nips and tucks have been done to get her where she is now.

Jane Seymour is definitely among some of the most beautiful actresses. She was a Bond Girl. This is actually a very big deal. Her body is incredible considering she once carried twins in her womb. Seymour is not just plain ordinary. She is a beautiful grandmother of several children. She ages like wine. I can guarantee we are yet to see her best.

The famous eyelid surgery

Jane Seymour Plastic Surgery, boob job, eyelid job

Yes. Jane got surgery to make her eyelids more attractive. When asked about the surgery, said that her photographers were spending a lot trying to make her eyelids better in the photos. When they pitched the idea about getting them done, she thought it was no big deal and she has never regretted the decision. Both her upper and lower eyelids were corrected. I would say the surgery was a great decision. She looks very beautiful. She said good bye to the baggy eyes then.

Botox and boob job

Jane Seymour Plastic Surgery, boob job, eyelid job

Jane got breast implants for the film “Wedding Crashers”. She had to appear topless in a scene. She said that she needed something small to go well with her body and her plastic surgeon had to make a special order for her. The change was noticeable but people say it was a perfect job. The implants flattered her frame even more.

The actress admits to having had several Botox injections. She however noted that they are not her favorite. She would rather keep her wrinkles. Though she has had several surgeries to improve her appearance, the beauty cannot be completely attributed to the surgeries. Her good genes play a major role here.

Jane has mentioned considering liposuction in several of her interviews. She has however noted that it might take a little convincing for her to dive all in. she wants a more natural look if she is going to go for a face lift and she says she hasn’t come across one that looks natural. She might be waiting a while for a natural looking face-lift.

Jane says that she wants to age the natural way. She thinks wrinkles are beautiful and does not despise having them on her face. While she is definitely keen on maintaining a youthful appearance, she believes that some moves are not worth it. Jane advice that it is better to accept that ageing has to happen instead of trying to fight it. Most people speculate on whether her face is all natural but she sticks to the fact that the few jobs she has had done on her might be the only ones ever.