Isabella Acres is a 14 year old American actress, born February 21, 2011 in Atlanta Georgia, she also has a younger sister who is an actress, she goes by the name Ava.

isabella Isabella is a popular voice actress, some of her voice acting credits include “Phinneas and Ferb” (2009-2015), “30 days of Night”, “The Woman against Many others”. Although she is most popularly known for her role in ABC’s comedy “Better of Ted” where she played Rose Crisp, daughter of Ted, she has also acted in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls” (2009) and voice acted in “Wreck-it Ralph” (2012) and “Monster University” (2013)

Isabella AcresSome of her other acting credits include appearance in one episode of “Monk” that was in 2007, “Mr Monk and the man who shot Santa Claus”, the TV series “The Mentalist” where she plays charlotte Jane, Patrick Jane’s daughter, this was in single episodes of the show. She played a small role in Hannah Montana which starred Miley Cyrus as the lead. Acres played a voice role in “Scooby -Doo! Mystery incorporated.

Apart from showbiz, she also does other things, she is a ballerina, she is also learning to play jazz piano, loves to do gymnastics, loves to swim and is a trained Soprano.