Honey boo boo child, real name Alana Fran Thompson is a child actress and a beauty pageant contestant starring in the now cancelled Reality TV show “Here Comes Honey Booboo” Alana Thompson first rose to fame after appearing on the TV show, Toddlers and Tiaras. She was born in McIntyre, Georgia, USA on the 28th August 2005..


Honey booboo child has a net worth of $800,000 she and her family earn fifty thousand dollars every episode of the show and her share of the money is what has cumulated into $800,000.

Honey booboo child stars in the TV series with her family, her father Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, her mom Shannon ‘Mama June’ June, her sisters Anna ‘Chikadee’ Cardwell, Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon, and Jessica ‘Chubs’ Shannon.

One of the most prominent feature about Alana’s family members is that most of them are overweight , (although this hasn’t stopped honey boo boo child from winning beauty pageants-child pageants) they also all have funny pet names and they are also painted as a dysfunctional family much to the chagrin of many viewers.


The show was cancelled in October 2014 due to allegations of Mama June’s inappropriate relationship with a convicted child molester, knowing that she has children. Alana’s net worth has come mainly from reality tv shows and pageants which she has won with her endearing smiles and her beautiful way of answering questions


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The Honey boo boo child house has been demolished after it failed to sell for $45,000 that’s about double its purchase price, this was due to the cancellation of the show. Sugar bear believed the 1,365 sqaure feet 3 bedroom home will sell for that price because of its popularity.

Honey booboo child’s net worth is intact, although the same can’t be said about her 20 year old sister’s Chikadee who has alleged that her mom has squandered her net worth on her boyfriend.