Hayden Panetierre an American model, actress and singer; she’s 26 years old and the fiancée to former world boxing heavy weight champion Wladmir Klitschko, together they have a daughter

hayden-panettiere boob job

An increase in the size of Panetierre’s breast has been noticed, it looks as though she has had an increase across two sizes, and this was especially very glaring when paparazzi’s took pictures of her at the beach wearing Bikini.

These wear not padding; one doesn’t and cannot wear padding in bikinis. This has sparked questions of her involvement with plastic surgery


hayden-panettiere boob job

Panetierre has been asked if she had plastic surgery, but as usual amongst celebrities she hasn’t answered, this has gone further to strengthen the rumours, it is believe by some that if she’s free from plastic surgery then she would have denied the allegations, but of course celebrity watchers are not surprised as it is not unusual

hayden-panettiere boob job
       Hayden Panettiere Leg and Butt Dimples


A comparison of her previous photos and more recent ones show a swell in the breast size and there is something very striking about her breast, and this unusual feature in her bust line can almost be regarded as infallible proof of a boob job.

Her bust line has a depression at the top, just somewhere in the top middle of her breasts; this is most likely due to a fault in the implants or the positioning of the implants her body.

Experts have also lent their voice to this; Dr Leslie Stevens thinks the implants where placed close to the middle of her sternum.

This is the cause of the ripple and depressed look, usually this happens when the doctor cuts the pectoral muscle  so that the implants are right under the skin and do not have enough tissue to cover the implant.

Hayden’s surgery can be regarded as a partial failure and for someone who works in Hollywood this is not good enough, any where she looks good and the implants have increase her overall attractiveness.

Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born August 21, 1989; she is popular for her role as Claire Bennet on the TV series Heroes

hayden-panettiere boob job