Dove-Cameron boob job, plastic surgery Before-and-After 1

If Dove Cameron were to write a book on how to make it big in Hollywood, these would be her top tips;

  • Move to L.A (obviously we all know this one, Hollywood is in L.A, and that’s where all the action is)
  • Get a nose job
  • Change your name to something exotic or aristocratic like Dove Cameron (her name before L.A was Chloe Hosterman).
  • Use Botox injections to make the lips plumper and of course use make up and other artificial means to look like a Barbie doll.

The competition is stiff, the pressure is intense, and it is difficult for a child looking for fame in Hollywood to go through this and not be affected. Especially by the superficiality of the industry, adult males even are not insulated from this.

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer. She came into limelight as a child actress when she acted in the TV series Liv and Maddie. She’s also starred in many Disney movies.

At 21, Dove’s star is on ascent in Hollywood and so are the rumours about her going under the knife to achieve her looks

Dove-Cameron boob job, plastic surgery Before-and-After

She’s got great skin, no doubt, but her lips when she was much younger and now is very different. It could be age right? But really, how can her thin Caucasian lips turn into African or Hispanic lips almost overnight. Lip filler I think is the thing, just reminiscent of Kylie Jenner going from thin to full lips in a few weeks.

As a child her noses were really prominent, especially when a profile is taken. But now she seems to lack her nose bridge, looks as though someone didn’t want it there so it was flattened.

We believe she had rhinoplasty while she was still under 18. This does have its disadvantage as the body is not fully formed yet. It paid off though as it wasn’t botched, and the nose does look smaller, fitting her face.

She hasn’t said anything about her procedures though, but we think she’s had some. And we think she’ll have some more later in life, a boob job most likely and other cosmetic procedures. We just hope she’ll not go overboard with them.

Dove-Cameron boob job, plastic surgery Before-and-After