31 year old Dianna Elise Agron is an American singer, actress and dancer. She is known for her roles in a number of films as well as her role in the musical Glee. Dianna has had plastic surgery before. She has nothing against it and is not shy to speak about it. As opposed to other Hollywood stars who turn to surgery to improve their features or look younger, Dianna has had surgery for very different but a bit suspect reasons.

She is lucky unlike most Hollywood celebrities who have plastic surgery. Dianna did not change much. She looks every bit herself and for an amateur or someone who is not looking too hard, there is a chance the changes after the surgeries might not be noticeable at all. I would say the doctors who work on her are experts and she gives her instructions very strictly. She is really beautiful and we would not want plastic surgery to ruin all that for her.

Two nose jobs

Dianna admits to having had not one but two nose surgeries. She says that the surgeries were a necessity as she had broken her nose. In an interview, Dianna says that she had the first surgery while still in high school. This was after she broke her nose at a party. The second procedure was due to an accident during a Glee tour. Is she really that clumsy that she has had two accidents which both led to her plastic surgery procedures? One might ask. She joked that she must turn really fast for her nose to keep taking the hit.

Had she not admitted the having had her nose done, we would have still guessed it. Diana’s nose looks very different in her before and after photos when one looks keenly. It appears longer and the tip a bit bigger than the current one. She was beautiful before but the change has made quite an improvement I must say. The surgeons who worked on her definitely did an amazing job.

Breast implants?

Rumor mills have it that Dianna has had breast surgery. We do not know how true this is however. She has not agreed to having had the surgery but looking at her photos, it is evident that she has had some work done. Her boobs appear fuller and firmer. Her chest is also very different from the way it was in the past. Some might say that she wears breast pads but with the scenes she walks in, breast surgery is not something we can take off the list just yet.

In as much as Dianna has had two surgeries, it really should not matter much. The breast surgery rumors are still there and the fact that she refuses to say a word about the same, might just prove that the rumors might just be true. All in all she looks pretty good. Whatever reasons she had for the surgery, we pray that she is not going to become one of those celebrities who run to the plastic surgeon whenever they feel that something is not okay with their features.