david Coverdale David coverdale a musician born in United kingdom on the 22nd of September in the year 1951. His tone of voice has been so unique that he led the deep purple band; he was into the rock and roll music. However, he was well known through the work he did for a rock band named ‘WHITESNAKE’. He began his singing career professionally at age 14 and started gaining popularity in the music industry. He sang several hit songs like ‘Is this love’, Here I go again’, Love ain’t a stranger and many more. These songs made him so famous and so he was found among the famous singers of his time.

david coverdale

But on reaching the age of 63, his skin started depleting and so in order to keep the swag on as he was in the limelight and a star everyone beheld, he thought that wasn’t too good for his profession and thought of undergoing a face-lift surgery. Although his previous looks were better off than now as he looks older than his age.

Coverdale didn’t reveal if he did the surgery but it was evident he went through facelift surgery which didn’t turn out well for him unlike his other colleagues. But for coverdale, he was just so unlucky as his handsome face turned to something else.


david Coverdale

Sure, he would have regretted the action he took as trying to look much younger than his age as most celebrities see him to have transformed into having feminine looks, and so he had to stop it. Nevertheless, it left his face with some wrinkles afterward and also changed the texture of his lips.

Though many celebrities have done such and gotten away with it but for Coverdale, the reverse was the case. Until now David Coverdale hasn’t revealed the secret about his sudden feminine and wrinkled looks, but the rumor is still on.