It is difficult to see an American female celeb that hasn’t got a plastic surgery rumour, and Ciara is not one of those. Her changing looks in years has raised rumours about a cosmetic surgery intervention

ciara boob job, plastic surgery before and after B


If you were born sometime in the 80s up until the 90s, you should know Ciara. She was a very popular figure in RnB, Rap and Hip-hop in the 2000s. And as if that weren’t enough her high profile boyfriends and the spats she had with other celebs should make her name sound, at least familiar.

Ciara has always been beautiful, no doubt about that, but show biz is a cut throat business, and bowing to the pressures many undergo plastic surgery. Females want to look slim and voluptuous at the same time, something that is not usually naturally possible.

Changes in Ciara’s body parts have sparked rumours; she has neither denied nor confirmed the allegations. Never the less a look at her pictures of before and now, and also videos will give us a lot of information

ciara boob job, plastic surgery before and after


The first rumour is the nose job, Ciara never had an ugly nose, and it wasn’t pointed either. But now she seems to be sporting a thinner nose, a bit pinched at the nostrils and narrower at the bridge.

This may be due to a clever use of makeup and lighting effects, but again it’s most likely due to a rhinoplasty procedure.

The next is a boob job; her boobs were no doubt very tiny. In fact almost non-existent, except when she goes through great lengths to show them to us. But now, they look really impressive, they’ll definitely turn some male heads

ciara boob job, plastic surgery before and after B

And we think it is plastic surgery, no clever use of bra can make a boob size balloon so much. And if you take a close look at some of her pictures, there’s a cavity between the two babies. This is only seen on breast implants

This would lead us to believe that this musician has had breast implants.  Apart from these two procedures and of course Botox, the RnB star hasn’t had any more procedures.

Ciara is just 32, and we believe this is just the beginning of her dalliance with the surgeon’s knife. The coming years will tell, we will watch with folded arms.