Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, 71 year old Cher is an American singer and actress. She is known as the goddess of pop. She is a legend and her music is still listened to until now. Cher rose to fame in the 60s due to music created by the duo of her and her then husband Sonny Bono. Their song “I got you babe” made it to the top of both American and British music charts.

Like many celebrities her age, Cher has had several surgeries to improve her looks. She says that plastic surgery makes her happy. It is good that she admits it because a 71 year old does not look the way she looks. Good thing she got good doctors too.

Cher rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty

She had her nose done a while back. This improved her face a great deal. She looks more attractive and the new nose shape definitely fits her long slender face.

Cher also had her eyes done. She wanted to get rid of her eye bags and change her eyelids. This is not common surgery. More reason why she looks so youthful. Cher also got rid of the fine lines around her eyes and she appears to have no wrinkles at all.

Cher boob job

She was recently on the red carpet and she left tongues wagging about her body. She looked stunning and like always there were questions on whether she had gone under the knife again. She admitted this saying that she doesn’t feel that the job was well done. She felt that her breasts become worse that they were before. Cher however went on to add that the breasts are hers and she can do with them whatever she pleases even if she took them and put them on her back. This was well put especially for all those judging her for getting the procedures.

Other procedures- Botox injections, lip fillers, dental work

Botox injections are a Hollywood favorite and Cher is not left behind. She has had them and this is definitely evident in her face. She has no wrinkles in any part of her face. The injections are definitely something she has done more than once because these usually wear out. She had an incident on the red carpet back in 2010 when tape was seen sticking our under her jawline. This was prove that she goes through skin tightening procedures as she later removed the tape and the photos before and after showed the difference.

Cher has a nice smile for a 71 year old. There is speculation that she has had lip fillers injected. It will be no surprise if she had the procedure as she still looks amazing for her age. Most celebrities around her age usually get their plastic surgeries backfiring. The same cannot be said for her however. He doctors did a great job and she is doing all she can showing off her goddess body.

One thing that has not changed about Cher even though she has gone through numerous surgeries is the shape of her face. The changes are definitely noticeable but she is still recognizable which cannot be said for most aging celebrities who take her path.