When I compared her yester year’s pictures and the most recent ones I was like oops, what have we got here, a human doll? That’s one thing too much plastic surgery or poorly done plastic surgery does to one’s face

Carol-Burnett-Before-and-After-Plastic-Surgery 11

You lose some of your facial expressions, and that is exactly the same thing that has happen to our darling Burnet.

It just hurts to look at her face right now.  The beautiful thing about Carol Burnet plastic Surgery is that she never denied it. She was always forthright with all her procedures.

She has her first procedures when she was really young, most likely her twenties. In her eighties right now, imagine the amount of risk she took

Carol-Burnett- boob job Plastic-Surgery before and after f

Cosmetic surgery wasn’t very popular then, and the chances of being botched were monumental. Take Michael Jackson plastic surgery for example.  So here are some of the most likely procedures this Hollywood Walk of Famer has had.

Carol said her chin made her uncomfortable as a child, so that was the first procedure she did, a chin implant. If you compare her pictures you’ll notice she now has a square jaw as compare to her twenties.

This undoubtedly made an almost bland face look better. I guess she saw facial flaws and wanted to fix them, and she didn’t stop there, she has gone on to fix both real and imagine flaws.

Over the course of time she’s got blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), to remove excess skin under the eyes and create an illusion of youth.

She’s also had a rhinoplasty, which we all know to be nose job. Her most recent procedure is a facelift, to reduce the folds of skin from age.

But really she still looks old, May haps not as old as she would have.  Although she has said she’s done with plastic surgeries, she still has regular Botox and collagen injections. She’s really fighting age hard, but slowly, very so slowly but surely age is having its toll.

This comedian and show presenter is respected for one thing in Hollywood, her honesty. She never one day denied her involvement with plastic surgery, she even jokes about it when using self depreciating humour. Plastic surgery worked for her once, but Burnet now is the time to let off, you are too old for this.