She used to be Bruce Jenner until she decided that she was done being a man and wanted to be a woman. That is what happens with transgender folk. She now goes by the name Caitlyn Marie Jenner. She came in to fame after she married Kris Jenner, mother to the Kardashian sisters. Caitlyn has had more surgeries than you can count. She probably tops the list of Hollywood celebrities with the most surgeries.

Some would say that Caitlyn is obsessed with surgery. Gossip columnists say that she has had too much of everything done in a very short time since she came out. This is enough to drive someone in to obsession and depression. I would say it is pretty hard to change a man into a woman. Especially when the man’s features are as masculine as Caitlyn was as an Olympian.

There was a time when word reached gossip columns that Caitlyn regrets her decision and wants to be male again. We do not know how true this is but considering the challenges that she has gone through over time, there might be some truth to the rumor.

Caitlyn Jenner facial feminization

As she was transitioning from being male, Caitlyn had a facial feminization surgery that cost a whopping $70,000. She spent 10 hours under the knife and though she still had a few features from her former looks, she looked more lady like. The 10 hour surgery majorly consisted of lifting Caitlyn’s brow and re-shaping her jaw. The doctors that did the surgery noted that Caitlyn healed very fast. They attributed this to her being an Olympic champion. There were reports of Caitlyn getting a panic attack immediately after the surgery. This is probably because of her realizing that she had actually gotten what she always wanted.

Subsequent surgeries- lip fillers, face lifts

After transforming her face, Caitlyn also had breast implants and a face lift done. There is however one problem. She is not getting enough from the procedures. A source in an interview noted that every time she looks at her face in the mirror and sees something that she does not like Caitlyn makes a trip to the plastic surgeon. The source added that the many procedures are for boosting her self-esteem which took a blow after she came out as transgender and completely changed herself in to a woman.

According to gossip columns, Caitlyn wants to achieve a face that is more like that of his ex-wife Kris. He thinks that her face is ideal. Too bad for her though. Looking at their face shapes and sizes, I guess even the most skilled plastic surgeon would have a hard time figuring that out.

There is a chance gossip columns are spinning stories to make a name for themselves and attract followers by saying that Caitlyn has not gotten enough plastic surgeries yet. Considering how much she has done and her saying that she is still work in progress, there is also a chance that there is truth in the stories being written about her. At the end of the day, she has come quite a long way and maybe we should just give a break and let her be.