Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Ashlee Simpson is a 32 year old mother of two. The wife to Evan Ross is a celebrated singer, song writer and actress. Ashlee rose to fame in 2004 after she release her song ‘Pieces of me’ she has been on the spotlight ever since. She stepped out of her sister Jessica Simpson’s shadow and became a star of her own through her show ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ which debuted on TV in 2004 as well.

Ashlee is smart, beautiful, and has a body to die for. She looks like she has not aged a day since she came in to fame. The celebrated actress is however no different from her other Hollywood counterparts. She has had plastic surgery before.

Ashlee’s 2006 Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Ashlee was in the airwaves for all the negative reasons in 2006 when she had a nose job done just after her photo shoot for a feature on the widely read Marie Clare magazine. The magazine came out after she had come out with her new nose and the change in appearance was dramatic. Every one noticed that Ashlee had done something to her nose. What made the airwaves churn is the fact that Ashlee had talked about us loving our bodies as they are in the Marie Clare feature. The nose job right after made her seem pretentious and that is definitely bad publicity in Hollywood.

Ashlee Simpson remained silent when asked about her nose job and the Marie Clare Magazine feature by reporters. She smiled and went her way deciding to keep to herself and let people say whatever they wanted to say. After the media had moved on to other juicy gossip stories, Ashlee spoke about her nose job. She said that it is not something to rush in to. The singer advised whoever wants to have plastic surgery done to seriously think about it before making the decision to do it.

May 2016- April 2017

Ashlee Simpson Plastic Surgery

Rumors started going round in 2016 that Ashlee was getting plastic surgery in order to resemble Jessica. This is something that she laughed off and termed as “funny” when interviewed by reporters. She added that they are sisters and therefore have a resemblance and noted that both her and her sister thought it is funny that people should think that.

Over time there have been rumors of Ashlee getting breast implants and lip fillers. She has not admitted or denied the rumors. Is she telling everything? We are not very sure. Looking at the amount of transformation in her photos, Ashlee has probably had other surgeries done over time and she is definitely not mentioning them.

In an interview in May this year, Ashlee noted that plastic surgery is something personal. She added that is one chooses to do it, it should be for themselves and not for anyone else. The star has recently noted that she no longer lets what people say bother her. She says that everyone will always have an opinion and it is better not to give it much thought as long as one is happy.