Ariel Winter, an 18-year-old American actress, singer and voice actress, is majorly popular for her role in Modern Family. Ariel revealed in 2016 that she had gone through a breast reduction surgery last summer. Since then, people have dragged her in heated debates and criticized regarding her surgery decision. However, Ariel, not caring the least bit about criticism, has labeled it as one of her best life decisions.

For Ariel, it felt ostracized and agonizingly afflicted to be just 5 ft. tall with a 32F cup size. This is what led to the actress undergoing a breast reduction surgery, and reducing her size to a 34D.

Ariel said that it felt like a crying weight was taken off her chest after the surgery – both literally and figuratively. In an interview to People, she expressed that she now feels extremely confident in her body with the right size.

Audience’s reaction to Ariel’s surgery

Ariel Winter faced some serious hate when she made an appearance on the SAG awards on January 30, 2016. Some could not digest the evident sight of her plastic surgery scars leading to a debate among her fans. Later, her following on Twitter flooded the timeline with both positive and negative comments. A few also shunned the show-off of her possible boob job she got done.

Ariel responded to the criticism via her tweet on Feb 01, and said: “Guys there is a reason I didn’t try to cover up my scars! They are a part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all. :)” This comment cut her some slack and observers became a little more considerate towards her. After all, not every girl with overgrown breasts likes to face inconvenience on daily basis.

Ariel had a Reason to do What She did!

For Ariel, it was more than just facing ridicule and inconvenience from others on oversize breasts. Ariel was dealing with painful breasts. She had many back problems. She could not stand up straight for longer duration. Per her, the time came when it started hurting to the extent that she couldn’t take it. Her neck hurt quite bad and she faced problems pertinent to her spine. She had been in discussion for her chest with the doctors for many years. And then she finally made a decision. Her doctors encouraged her for the surgery and told her, “Your back is going to thank you so much.”

Following her doctor’s suggestions, she chose not to go bigger than a D or smaller than a C. After her surgery, Ariel has displayed her full pleasure and comfort with the decision and the way she looks.

In all, this is a relief to see that people, even from the showbiz, aren’t reluctant to flash their scars. It gives us some comfort that not all celebrities are out to bamboozle their fans about their apparently perfect bodies. Lastly, we acknowledge and respect the honesty of Ariel Winter about her plastic surgery.