Annabelle Wallis is an actress, an English-Portuguese actress, she was born in Oxford, but had her childhood in Portugal, and she speaks the both languages fluently, so she has acted in both English and Portuguese movies

Annabelle-Wallis nose job plastic suregry Before-and- after

Annabelle acted in “Annabelle”, a horror films that tells the story of a doll possessed doll which refuses to stop troubling a certain family.

Talking about “Annabelle” Annabelle talked about the doll scaring almost everyone on set as it was the most grotesque doll she had actually seen and her role as “Mia” in the movie was very convincing, the movie came out to positive reviews.

She was born 5th September 1984, and is popular for other movies such as “Tudors’, and most recently “Peaky Binders”.

Wallis at 32 is no doubt still a beautiful woman as she once was, she looks natural, but that hasn’t exempted her from the plastic surgery rumours, this is Hollywood and no one is exempted from rumours and allegations.

The loudest rumour is that of a nose job, celebrity watchers believe her nose looks better now as compared to her nose at the start of her career.  She hasn’t made any comments about her nose though, but taking a good look there is actually a not so subtle difference in her before nose and now nose.

Annabelle-Wallis nose job plastic suregry Before-and- after

Her previous nose is a bit flattened at the tip especially when view from the front, but that flaw seems to have been fixed. Her nose does look pointed and perfect, sits just right on her face.

As for other procedures she looks natural, boobs okay, behind okay, she seems Botox and other feeler free, but again she’s just 32 she probably doesn’t need them yet or she’s comfortable with ageing gracefully. Well time will tell.

Annabelle is dating Cold play band member Chris Martin


Annabelle Wallis plastic surgery before and after