Alison Krauss is an American musician, she does the bluegrass-country genre, she sings and plays the violin, and over the years she’s made a transition from a child prodigy to a very versatile and matured musician.

Alison Krauss plastic surgery before and after


She is credited for the reintroduction and re-popularisation of Bluegrass music into America in the late 80’s and the 90’s. 

Hollywood stars are known to be under pressure to maintain their looks, some go to great lengths and would do almost anything to maintain their youth, but since no one has found the proverbial fountain of youth they’ll settle for other body rejuvenation methods.

Plastic surgery is usually one of the methods for maintaining an appearance of youth.

Krauss has been in the eye of the public ever since before she was 14 and they watched her grow and blossom not only into a fine musician but also a beautiful woman, and now that she’s in her 40’s the world would watch her age and her beauty decline as she gets old, but it looks as though she would like to delay that for as long as possible.


Alison Krauss plastic surgery before and after f


Looking at Allison’s face one can almost swear she has done something to her face, looks like she has tampered with the hands of time and produced a good result in the process.

Her face looks young and tight and the wrinkles around the forehead and the corner of the eye which are expected of someone her age are nowhere to be found.

Comparing her older pictures and recent pictures we would suspect she’s had face lift, Botox and other facial fillers.

And like many other celebrities she has denied the allegations, attributing her good looks to her lifestyle and good genes, celebrity watchers are not surprised though as this denial is common place amongst celebrities.

In fact the opposite would have been surprising. The supposed surgeries have improved Krauss’ looks and we expect her ageing to be kept at bay for a while.

Allison was born in July 23, 1971 in Decatur, Illinois, United State, she has won 27 Grammy awards, making her the second most awarded living recipient.` 


Alison Krauss plastic surgery before and after