Allison Gold is an American Teen musician, dancer and aspiring actress. She is the singer of the controversial and arguably racist song “Chinese Food” which was released in 2013, it charted at no 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2013 and in 5 months the video has over 14 million views on Youtube, these was achieved without any radio airplay.

alison-goldAllison Gold was born on the 9th of May 2002, in Fairfax Virginia. She garnered huge popularity when she released her Video “Chinese Food” with the record label PMW, owned by Patrice Wilson. She also has two other singles “ABCDDFG” and “Shush Up”. Her debut single “Skip Rope” was released in 2012 as part of a rap/pop group called Tweenchronic which was also signed onto PMW.

Allison’s video “Chinese Food” actually tells of her love for Chinese Food, albeit in a way that many Asian Americans, especially Chinese Americans found offensive, but surprisingly Chinese in China find the song charming. Not only has Gold come under criticism but the record label owner also has.


Her last video “Shush Up” came under even more criticisms than the “Chinese Food”, the video saw her robe a Jewellery store, the video was said to carry a lot of sexual overtones, as she and her back up dancers did a lot of sexual suggestive dancing and she was also putting on skimpy clothes, all these were considered by some to be inappropriate for someone her age.

The legality of someone her age participating in that kind of video has been also questioned, but the Ark Music Factory CEO, Patrice Wilson who also doubles as her producer has called the music art. “Everyone’s concerned about the Shush Up video, it’s pure art, no different than Willow Smith, Kaycee Rice, Dance Moms, Toddlers and Tiaras”, Wilson said via his tweeter handle. The video has been taken down from the internet and Allison Gold hasn’t commented about it. The budding actor hopes to stamp here foot in Hollywood soon.

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