It is said that Europeans are very much less superficial than Americans; Adele seems to epitomize these statement. For those who don’t know Adele, here’s a little something

Adele nose job, boob job, plastic surgery Before and After n

She was born Adele Adkins somewhere in England in the year 1988, and came into limelight around 2007. We all know Adele for her great voice, her plump body and her family friendly music videos.

Well Adele is much admired for her body positive self image, she’s not a size zero, probably will never be, and she knows it. Talking about her body and plastic surgery here’s what Adele thinks: “Do you want to be uncomfortable for 20 years, or do you want to just settle into it? I don’t want to have plastic surgery. I’m going to look like this forever. Deal with it. Once you deal with it, you feel calmer about it” Adele says. So you see chubby as she is, she really doesn’t give a damn about being model trim.

The truth is that, between 2007 when she shot to limelight and now, Adele has undergone a huge transformation. She has gone from being one simple plain looking girl to being a fashion role model for big ladies.

And she has also lost some weight; some people attribute this to liposuction operation which was carried out on her. Adele hasn’t said anything about that, but we know that sometime in 2011, she went in for surgery.

Adele nose job, boob job, plastic surgery Before and After n

Throat surgery, and after the surgery, she lost tons of weight, it would also suffice to say that she’s adopted some fitness regime or the other.

Through it all Adele is staying real and her honesty is totally refreshing; “I’m not, like skipping to the f—king gym, I don’t enjoy it she says “and if I don’t tour, you’ll catch me back down at the Chinese”!

The fact that she doesn’t live in L.A must have influenced her positively and helped her stay to herself. We love Adele for her voice and the quality of her music. She’s proven that with skill alone you can go places.

Adele nose job, boob job, plastic surgery Before and After n