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Celebreeties.com is a website that provides gists and information about celebrity with plastic surgeries, it also talks about the ones that went wrong, celebrity age, celebrity net worth, Measurement and Interesting stuffs and to keep our audience abreast of and updated on the latest information about their favourite celebrities. The purpose is to let our readers know that with healthy lifestyle they can be natural and still look very good as against cosmetic surgery and the implications that comes with such procedures.

In the Measurement section, we talk about the profile of the celebrity a form of biodata in a comprehensive and explicit way for easy read and enjoyment of our readers. In this category, some information are gotten based on estimates as a large number of our celebrities do not divulge full details about themselves particularly when are not totally natural, Butt Implants and breast augmentation for instance, as a result there might some variations. As we all know, body weight keeps fluctuating, with  this there may be variations as well. Eye colour may change if contact lenses are worn likewise the colour of the hair may change as a result of introduction of dye or wig attachment.

Celebreeties.com hereby declare we are not liable for any variation regarding accuracy and timeliness of any information contained on this website.

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