Celebrity life is largely characterized with a lot of make believes, flashy lifestyle, expensive rides, trips and several others.

However, when you talk about rappers, they take extravagance to a whole new level, with their constant display of wealth, the “great life” which literally consists of money, girls, luxury rides, hard drugs, expensive blinks and a generally over blown self ego. Some of these rappers have made a name in the industry not only as rappers with great punch lines, but also as legendary wasters and law breakers, which in turn has cost them all the wealth they preach in their videos.

Rappers like Jay Z, P Diddy and Dr. Dre have made the money and remained up there, some others have made it and simply gone wild with it alongside those who haven’t gotten close to “Smiling to the bank”, the rap game is purely illusion on their part and they have had runnings with the law which quite simply has set them back way worse than they were. Some are crawling out of their heavy debts and prison times, some are running right in, while others look like they are going to be stuck there for a really long time. Here is a list of rappers in this category.



Ma$eHe has been really controversial with his indecision on whether to remain in the Hip- hop industry or to serve the lord, as his history suggests his on and off rapper-pastor-rapper lifestyle has landed him in a confused financial state. He left music in 1999 to follow the call of God only to have a welcome back later on, well the IRS also gave him a befitting unpaid tax welcome back of about $124,000 alongside his lawsuit with the jeweler Aydin and company for a $35,000 jewelry he bought several years back plus he has to take care of their legal fees and pay a 1.5% interest on the jewelry monthly. Your guess is right; he is still paying his bills. We are certain of one thing, the $ sign on his name is a negative (-$) one for sure.



DMX-Arrested-Again-640x360Once a household name, DMX was once reckoned as a rap king after the demise of the rap legends 2pac and the notorious B.I.G, he was doing really great financially, almost too well for someone who came into the industry with his first four album release reaching number one on the music chart, however with all of his multiple successes he filed for bankruptcy in year 2013 with numerous depths alongside a $1.24million in child support. DMX who has a strong record of violence, guns, drugs and sexual harassment seemed to have really reached a brick wall when it comes to money, with millions in debt.


Beanie siegel

Beanie siegel

He most definitely barged his brokenness from his massive legal fees on a count of attempted murder in 2005 and also a year in prison for possession of weapons, coupled with tax evasion charges of $3.5million unreported income for which he paid only a sum of $10,000 as tax, this and other charges also recently “won him” a 2 year prison sentence.


Young Buck



He most definitely hasn’t had a smooth past few years ,as he had some of his properties possessed and auctioned off , to pay his over $300,000 debt in unpaid taxes.







Mc Hammer

Mc-hammerYou could almost take a wild guess and be right on this one, he belongs to the “elite” class of broke rappers ,having had a total of “no” hit song in the last 20 years it is safe to assume he wouldn’t be doing too well . he filed for bankruptcy in 1996 after running $13million in debt ,best known for his 90’s hit song “can’t touch this”  the rapper obviously had it wrong when the IRS “touched“ and possessed some of his asset.





Ja Rule

ja-rule-Ever since he was unable to make hit songs, coupled with his wrong decision to carry a 40-calliber semi-automatic gun in the back of his car, which was actually discovered when he was pulled over for over speeding; Ja  Rule was made to serve a 2 year prison term for the weapon alongside his IRS tax debt run in of over $3million unreported income ,he definitely had it coming. He still owes IRS money ranging above $1million


Method man


Adding to the list of tax evaders on a long list of tax evasion loving rappers coupled with his weed addiction which simply rearranges his priority. After so long, it is still pretty obvious that he has cash ruling everything around him ,except  now the cash has decided to give him prison sentence and legal battles.



Lil kim

She probably has the “Lil” in front of her name right, because when it comes to cash, she has very little of it , same couldn’t be said of her problems, run in with the tax man, heavy legal fees and a bad press generated after  asking her fans to buy her baby daughter gifts ,that was probably the lowest of the lows, and then K- Michelle her daughter’s god mother made her financial mess more public by twitting about it, concluded, she is so broke she couldn’t even get her daughter baby gifts.



xzibitMTV’s pimp my ride’s host was busy pimping the rides and totally forgot to pay his tax, the end result was an over $1million in tax debt which he has managed to reduce to the hundreds of thousands . although we all know that people go broke and come back again ,but Xzibit had to blame his problem on the cancelation of the show “pimp my ride” by MTV base ,what happened to his previous over $500000 annual  income?, and again how’s rap music doing?, the answers are obvious.




Trick daddy

Tricky daddyCash has been playing a lot of tricks on him now for a while, Asides from the fact that he owed over $56000 in child support to 2 different mums and hundreds of thousands in back taxes as well as mortgages he has filed for chapter 11, claiming his income is now below $15000 monthly, his assets also cost less than his debt woes, hence, he is in the financial red zone.


Swizz beats

Swizz-BeatzAfter singing the song that is a complete irony of what his bank account currently says, the “money in the bank” singer worsened his woes by refusing to pay his tax to the tune of about $2.5million, clearly the money walked out of the bank into expensive lifestyle and probably drugs and girls.




nasWell if you’re a fan of this rapper, you might be willing to help him out of his $6million deep debt with the IRS for tax evasion which is quite visibly the plaque that has been crippling rappers, he claimed he would be left bankrupt if he had to pay the divorce fee and child support to the tune of $300,000 during his divorce with then wife.


Fat Joe

Fat Joe


In the year 2013 he spent 4 months in prison for refusing to pay the IRS a tax of about $700,000, he claimed the people he pays to do the job had the fault of not doing their job right.









ScarfaceHe is one rapper who could be said to not have the favour of fortune behind him even though he is highly respected amongst fellow rappers, the fact that he rakes in very little in comparison to his recognition is a stunner. He was also arrested for failing to pay about $120,000 in child support even though he claims it was fully paid, he is wiser for it now, as he now pays it directly through the government.


Busta Rhymes

Busta RhymesBeing one of the fastest rapper did not grant him that spot on the elite list of one of the richest, rather instead of “smiling to the bank” according to his song, he probably doesn’t need to go there, after all, you only smile to the bank when you have good money in there, he joined the train of tax evaders with the IRS slamming him with his huge debt check. One would be forced to wonder where all that “Arab Money” he cries about on T.V. suddenly went to.